Caldo verde with poached egg

Caldo verde
I must admit I’ve never been all that keen on the idea of soup as a main course, but a large bowl of this hearty Portuguese classic will leave you wanting for nothing, except maybe a lie down in a darkened room.

I’m not selling it very well, am I? The point is that it’s satisfying, filling and completely delicious. In Portugal they’d probably tart it up with chunks of chourico sausage, but this is a veggie version, with the addition of an optional poached egg.
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Grilled mackerel with chilli and aromatic spices

Whatever happened to fishmongers? I live in Bath, where the last one disappeared a few years ago, leaving only the supermarkets with their sad array of farmed salmon and limp fillets of dubious provenance.

I miss those dedicated specialists for reasons such as this – a recipe donated by the guy behind the counter at Bath’s final fishmonger, who actually took the trouble to pop upstairs to the restaurant kitchen and bring me a tub full of the mixed spices I’d be requiring.

It was completely free, wholly unexpected, and I think I pretty much doubled my weekly spend there afterwards, which made that spicy gift extremely profitable. Sadly not enough to keep the place open, but I’ll always remember the recipe, as it’s by far the tastiest way to cook a nice fresh mackerel (assuming you can find one).
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