How to poach an egg

You know those neat round eggs you see in cookbooks? The ones that look like little balls of mozzarella. I’ve followed so many different instructions to try to make those, with little consistency. Cracking the egg into a whirlpool of boiling water works maybe one time in three. Sometimes you get so much white spinning […]

All Day Breakfast pizza

If the Bell can do it with nachos, what else could make an unexpectedly excellent pizza topping? This is Sarah’s suggestion, which I cooked up last night and, well… it’s actually pretty good. It has all the major food groups – sausages, beans, cheese, eggs and bread – so I can assure you that despite […]

Tahini flapjacks

This recipe is based on one from The Guardian’s Dan Lepard. Baking isn’t my strong point, so I defer to an expert on the subject. All I’ve done is add a few more seeds and some almond extract, giving it a nuttier taste. It’s well worth a go if, like me, you always seem to […]

Mushroom and asparagus pie with roasted carrots and sautéed potatoes

According to the financial experts on this year’s The Apprentice, people won’t eat pies when it’s sunny. Judging by the queues of hungry sunburned people outside the Pieminister stalls at Glastonbury and the scorching Bristol Harbour Festival, those experts were out of touch with today’s all-weather pie-munching Britain. In this recipe I’ve cheated with a […]