Vegetarian shepherd’s pie with butternut squash and celeriac mash

A rich mushroomy sauce, studded with chunks of sweet butternut squash and smothered in a creamy celeriac mash, make this the equal of any meaty shepherd’s pie. The mash would be excellent on its own, if you don’t fancy making the whole pie, and proper vegetarians probably won’t need me to tell them to replace the parmesan cheese with something else.
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Panko-coated potato wedges

I’ve never quite figured out how to make that crispy coating you get on commercially produced potato wedges (chemicals, probably) but this is my own equivalent and it’s very easy to make at home.

Panko breadcrumbs are magically processed so they’re very crispy and light, and they keep those qualities even after cooking. Even though they’re Japanese, you can get them from Chinese supermarkets, but they might be Korean or Indonesian versions not labelled as panko. Ask someone. I’ve never been to an Oriental food shop that doesn’t stock them.
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Tomato and coriander jam

A tin of tomatoes and a few other ingredients, boiled up for half an hour, makes an absolutely wonderful kind of jam/chutney/salsa… I’m not sure exactly what you’d call it but it’s perfect with chips, fishcakes and anything else starchy or fried.

This was printed in a newspaper ages ago, but I forget where or when. Apologies to whoever I stole it from – it’s a really brilliant recipe, the kind of thing that would be the most memorable part of a great meal at your favourite restaurant.
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