Rice cubes

Making sushi is harder than it looks. It might appear to be just a blob of rice with an offcut of raw fish stuck to the top, but whenever I’ve tried to make it, it lacks a certain something. (Skill, probably – I read somewhere that before they’re ever allowed to wield a knife, trainee sushi chefs spend their first few years learning how to make rice.)

However, Kim got me a gadget that promises to take the hard work and talent out of semi-decent sushi. It’s called a Rice Cube, probably because it turns rice into cubes, and as far as I can tell that’s pretty much the basis of sushi. Here’s what I managed to make with it.
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Superior cauliflower cheese

The key to a good cauliflower cheese is to let the blanched cauliflower steam dry naturally before adding the cheese sauce. Also, the cheese sauce needs to be as thick as possible. If the cauliflower is too damp or the sauce too runny, you’ll end up with an undesirable watery layer at the bottom of the dish.

This recipe makes things a bit more special by adding leeks and hard-boiled eggs. It’s a vegetarian main course.
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