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Roasted brussels sprouts

A quick seasonal plea: please don’t boil your brussels. It’s bad and wrong. Imagine how much happier everyone will be if you can cook your sprouts in a way that doesn’t have the sulphurous tang of a tramp’s arse. I posted a recipe for mashed brussels with chestnuts a couple of years ago, but this […]

Emergency vegetarian gravy

So your son/daughter has a new special friend. Anxious to impress, you issue an invite for Sunday lunch, but when the day arrives you discover at the very last moment that said friend is – gasp! – vegetarian. Don’t panic. Honestly, any vegetarian will be happy with a standard roast dinner minus the meat. Chuck […]

Orzo pasta bake with aubergine

Because I’ve never had a clue about what to do with orzo pasta – and because I barely have time to think of new recipes at the moment – I pinched this from Yotam Ottolenghi’s latest book. Orzo pasta is the one that looks like grains of rice, and that’s pretty much how you use […]

Camargue red rice salad

I’ve used a couple of moderately unusual ingredients in this salad. Camargue rice comes from a beautiful mosquito-infested region of France, and I’ve heard it’s technically not really ‘rice’ but that’s what they call it. It has a brilliant nutty taste and can be found in supermarkets (well, Waitrose in Bath at any rate). Dukkah […]

Fatteh with aubergines and tahini yoghurt sauce

Although it doesn’t have the most appealing title, fatteh is a pretty special dish. The Arabic name comes from the crumbled bits of pitta bread that form the middle part of this multi-textured layered concoction. Warm spicy chickpeas beneath crispy bread and cold tangy yoghurt. It’s basically the delicious Middle Eastern chickpea dish balila with […]

Falafel veggie burgers

A giant falafel in the shape of a burger. How excellent is that? What I like about this recipe is that none of the ingredients have to be cooked before adding to the mix – most potato/lentil-based veggie burgers I make need at least a bit of boiling, roasting or wilting. This one is raw […]