Issue 100 feature

I probably enjoyed writing this more than anything else I’ve done. Tracking down old friends, sifting through dusty magazines and exploring a massive box of film from photoshoots was like mainlining pure uncut nostalgia.

It seemed at the time like a full stop, rather than the beginning of a new chapter. I think I knew there wouldn’t be another magazine to match N64/NGC – the market was beginning to dry up even then. It only lasted another 20 issues before being closed, although its sales figures would make it one of the biggest games mags in the country now.

Putting the feature on this website (apologies for the loading times) means I finally get the chance to correct the most annoying error in the piece – the print version said Legend of Zelda: The Wind Walker. That’s what happens when you let the art guy type in the headlines.

100 feature part 1 of 5

100 feature part 2 of 5

100 feature part 3 of 5

100 feature part 4 of 5

100 feature part 5 of 5
NGC magazine, 2004. © Future Publishing

2 Responses to Issue 100 feature

  1. sporkhead says:

    Wow – my heart skipped a beat when I saw this on your site, this ranks as one of my favourite features in N64/NGC/NGamer magazine history.

    It was an absolute nostalgic blast to read through and it really kept that close-knit feel of a community the magazine’s always had throughout, many a laugh was had reading through it.

    *Goes to look for more Kittsy articles on the portfolio in the absence of any issues of the magazine in this location*

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