Perfect Dark review

This was actually the only one of N64’s massive ‘super reviews’ I ever did. I was always more comfortable delivering a kicking to crap games than drooling over the great ones. Perfect Dark was almost my entire month’s work, and very enjoyable it was too. There were a couple of extra pages bookending this 16-page behemoth, but they were just a title art page and a ‘read our tips next month’ thing, so I didn’t scan them. The title page repeated the bizarre claim from the intro that the review would be completely free of spoilers – maybe back then we had a different definition of spoilers, and nobody minded reading details and seeing pictures of every character, every gadget, every plot twist and even the secret levels you got after finishing the game. Slightly too late, but here you go – spoiler alert!

Perfect Dark part 1 of 7
Perfect Dark part 2 of 7
Perfect Dark part 3 of 7
Perfect Dark part 4 of 7
Perfect Dark part 5 of 7
Perfect Dark part 6 of 7
Perfect Dark part 7 of 7
N64 magazine, 2000. © Future Publishing

3 Responses to Perfect Dark review

  1. Grant Jones says:

    I recall getting this magazine on the day of release and bringing it in to school, people huddling around and we skipped straight to the score! A 96% was, ahem, rare, and reserved for true gems like this. I distinctly remember reading the bit about what you can play without an expansion pak as I was one of those poor people that picked one up after I got the game!
    Great site by the way, pictures of the food look awesome.

    From a long time N64/NGC fan, who is now collecting back issues!!

  2. rowan says:

    Omg, I remember this review. Perfect dark was my most anticipated release of any game so far, I think mostly due to awesomeness of this review so many thanks! Can’t believe I came across this from a random google image search… lol

  3. David says:

    I have such great memories of this magazine, and reviews like this one were part of the reason why. You just don’t find this level of passion in games magazines today – even the sidebars on the pages were stuffed with extra information!

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