Rice cubes

Making sushi is harder than it looks. It might appear to be just a blob of rice with an offcut of raw fish stuck to the top, but whenever I’ve tried to make it, it lacks a certain something. (Skill, probably – I read somewhere that before they’re ever allowed to wield a knife, trainee […]

Miso braised shiitake mushrooms

This makes a great topping for tamago donburi or an accompaniment for pretty much any sort of Japanese food. It’s a bit heavy on the obscure ingredients, so I’ve suggested a few commonplace alternatives at the end of the recipe, but it’s worth seeking out the proper stuff. The actual cooking part is super easy.

Panko-coated potato wedges

I’ve never quite figured out how to make that crispy coating you get on commercially produced potato wedges (chemicals, probably) but this is my own equivalent and it’s very easy to make at home. Panko breadcrumbs are magically processed so they’re very crispy and light, and they keep those qualities even after cooking. Even though […]

Savoy cabbage and leeks

Here’s a very quick accompaniment to… well, anything. It’s sort of Japanese style, I suppose, and would probably work well with other types of greens such as pak choi, kale, chard or whatever else is in season. But I had savoy cabbage, so that’s what happened this time. Five minutes to prepare, five minutes to […]

Chard stir fry

This recipe is great for getting rid of random garden vegetables. We had a load of chard that had to be harvested before it went seedy, and a few hefty handfuls of the stuff wilt down to almost nothing in a stir fry. The earthy flavour of chard works well with carrots and beetroot, which […]