pub food

Five spice peanuts

I got the idea for this from the Wheatsheaf in Combe Hay, which is one of the last remaining country pubs within walking distance of my house. It probably isn’t in any danger of closing, as it’s the only pub I’ve ever been to where customers arrive via helicopter and brag shamelessly about what a […]

Halloumi and broad bean pitta pizza

In the style of the Bell’s marvellous pizzas and this sausage-toting breakfast beast I made a while back, here’s another lovely thing to put on pitta or whatever other kind of flatbread you can lay your hands on. It’s quick, it’s easy, and because halloumi cheese is the world’s densest edible substance, these little snacks […]

All Day Breakfast pizza

If the Bell can do it with nachos, what else could make an unexpectedly excellent pizza topping? This is Sarah’s suggestion, which I cooked up last night and, well… it’s actually pretty good. It has all the major food groups – sausages, beans, cheese, eggs and bread – so I can assure you that despite […]