Camargue red rice salad

I’ve used a couple of moderately unusual ingredients in this salad. Camargue rice comes from a beautiful mosquito-infested region of France, and I’ve heard it’s technically not really ‘rice’ but that’s what they call it. It has a brilliant nutty taste and can be found in supermarkets (well, Waitrose in Bath at any rate). Dukkah […]

Giant couscous tabbouleh

I decided to make this tabbouleh with giant couscous, which doesn’t really bear much resemblance to normal couscous. The grains are like little pearls, retaining some bite after cooking, and they’re prepared via braising rather than just pouring boiling water over the top, so they have a lovely toasted flavour. For a more correct tabbouleh, […]

Smoked mozzarella rice salad

This is a salad I used to make with scamorza cheese, which is a kind of rubbery smoked mozzarella. I haven’t made it for years, since my local supermarket stopped stocking the stuff (probably to make space for yet another variety of cheddar) but I recently found a deli that sells something similar. The smoked […]

Raw beetroot and carrot salad

Uncooked beetroot doesn’t have to be as tough as old boots. Grated finely enough, I think it actually tastes a lot better than when it’s cooked – subtly sweet, fresh and very earthy, with a lovely crunchy/chewy texture. It’s a perfect match for carrots and assorted nutty seeds. This recipe has a sweet and tangy […]