Jerusalem artichoke and parsnip soup

Here’s a version of an out-of-fashion classic called Palestine soup. It’s made, funnily enough, with Jerusalem artichoke – a root vegetable that isn’t an artichoke and has nothing to do with Jerusalem. I never know what to do with those things, but they’re a pretty good match for the sweetness of parsnip in this silky, aromatic concoction.
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Wild rice and greens soup

This was a bit of an experiment that turned out surprisingly well. The rice, greens and broth remained resolutely separate, despite some vigorous boiling, and my plan to blend it all up into a proper soupy consistency was foiled. I think it might have been a bit gritty if I’d done that. Still, there’s nothing wrong with a chunky soup…
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Chard, lentil and mushroom soup

How about another soup as a main course? I had about half of the chard from the other day left over, and rather than just do another stir fry, I came up with this combination.

I even weighed all the ingredients before I threw them in the pot, so as long as your idea of a ‘couple of handfuls’ of chard is roughly the same as mine (it kept falling off the scales, hence no weight for that) you’ll end up with the same thing I had. A thick, intensely savoury, thoroughly tasty soup.
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Caldo verde with poached egg

Caldo verde
I must admit I’ve never been all that keen on the idea of soup as a main course, but a large bowl of this hearty Portuguese classic will leave you wanting for nothing, except maybe a lie down in a darkened room.

I’m not selling it very well, am I? The point is that it’s satisfying, filling and completely delicious. In Portugal they’d probably tart it up with chunks of chourico sausage, but this is a veggie version, with the addition of an optional poached egg.
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