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Falafel veggie burgers

A giant falafel in the shape of a burger. How excellent is that? What I like about this recipe is that none of the ingredients have to be cooked before adding to the mix – most potato/lentil-based veggie burgers I make need at least a bit of boiling, roasting or wilting. This one is raw […]

Roasted celeriac and potato curry

Here’s a basic vegetarian curry that doesn’t require a great deal of effort. Roasting the vegetables separately means they’re guaranteed to be cooked through when you’re ready to serve – there’s nothing worse than preparing to dish up a curry only to find that the spuds still haven’t started to break up properly in the […]

Potato curry with fresh turmeric

I made this curry using fresh turmeric, an ingredient I’d been meaning to try for some time. Widely available at Thai, Chinese and Indian stores, it looks like small, orangey pieces of ginger root, and I can confirm that it’s every bit as fabulously delicious as I had hoped. Thanks, probably, to fresh turmeric, this […]


This is one of the simplest breads you can make. You don’t even need to measure anything out accurately – just scoop up the ingredients in a mug, mix them into a rough batter, and bake. It’s brilliant with a nice veggie chilli, and you can customise it to your taste by adding a spoonful […]

Braised lettuce

Raw lettuce is the most boring of salad ingredients, but cooked like this it’s a gorgeous side dish. You need small, fairly compact lettuces such as little gems, plus some sweet peas to bulk it out and complement the natural bitterness of the leaves. Very little work, and very good indeed.